BSB Episode 8, Part 2 – Cyber stuff and The Chosen series


Bill Gates…Bilderberg…build back better…


Good news! Jesus appeared to Scott and Zelda. After a rundown on the Cyber Polygon and New World Order talk, they talk about the new series they’re trying not to binge (because there are only two seasons) called The Chosen.

No before you go away and tune out, it has a high production value and it’s not all Jesus-ey. Just look at this trailer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist or a saint, this series is really just what the universe ordered during the obvious apocalypse. And also, Jesus has some good one-liners.

This episode is a juxtaposition of the reality of the evil going on in the world and the goodness of the message of Jesus via this fantastic series. Maybe love is the answer. Even when the world government is trying to kill us.

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