BSB Episode 10, Part 1 – ‘Dopesick’ review and big Pharma

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Scott and Zelda do a review of the streaming series ‘Dopesick’ staring Michael Keaton, Will Poulter, Kaitlyn Dever and Peter Sarsgaard. This series comes out at a time when the world is struggling to understand two years of a ‘pandemic’ that seems to be pushed by big Pharma. ‘Dopesick’ has astounding similarities and parallels to what has transpired since Spring 2020. Similarities such as drug companies seemingly taking over healthcare thanks to dirty politicians, unsuspecting doctors, and the media. The real victims, as we will probably find out in 70 years, are the people who take the drugs. 

*Opinions in this podcast are for entertainment purposes and you should seek medical advise from your doctor or healthcare professional. 

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