BSB Episode 5, Part 2 – Paris, the Great Unifier

Podcast Wanderlust

Scott: How did you get to the airport?

Zelda: On an airplane.

Scott & Zelda
“BSB Episode 5, Part 2 – Paris, the Great Unifier”. – Scott and Zelda”.

This is the true (well from what we can remember because we were mostly pissed) story of us, Scott and Zelda. From eating handmade noodles to meeting Paris Pete in San Michel, we had quite an adventure. The first of many.

Maybe it was a hallucination, but how can you not have a Paris adventure when you’re two broke foodie poets? In this episode we start talking about food but end up retelling the strange days spent drinking wine and whiskey, sitting naked on the balcony, and eating the most delicious Parisian food.

Parisian by Kevin MacLeod

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