BSB Episode 2, Part 2 – Apu Doc Might Send Him Packing


I don’t know any of those words. – Scott

Poor Apu (from The Simpsons). He might have to go back to India. His life in America is reaching an expiration date. Turns out this week’s news story, generated by Scott’s program, is about actor/comedian Hari Kondabolu’s documentary, The Problem with Apu. The problem being the Apu character, that is voiced by the white man Hank Azaria, is offensive to some South Asian Americans living in the US, more specifically, actors in LA.

Scott, being Irish, and Zelda, a Mexican American, know a thing or two about discrimination and they pretty much call BS on banning the character. Really? There are much bigger issues for the South Asian community that should probably receive more attention than a cartoon character. Apu has brought laughs and smiles to homes around the world since the late 80s. Poverty…social injustice…that kind of thing is what Mr. Kondaboula should be shooting a documentary about. Heck, there was a recent news article about how males radically outnumber females in China and India. All thanks to government sanctioned population control. The article, Too Many Men, from the Washington Post, highlights the sexual, physical and emotional abuse women and girls face without protection from their families or communities.

Digressing here. Read the New York Times Apu article here and tell us what you think!


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