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Whoa! How did you get here? You must have fallen down the rabbit hole. Is the internets out of stuff already? Ah, well, you’re already here. Might as well open up a bottle of your favorite beer or pour yourself some wine, sit back and relax.

What is all this about? We’re Scott and Zelda (probably not our real names but if you’re clever, you’ll get the reference). We are a couple who have been on many adventures, watch lots of news, binge on TV shows and love to pick up some sweet piece of literature.

Scott is a charismatic, fun-loving, adjective hating Irishman who also happens to be pretty smart on all (well most) things computer science. Zelda is a passionate, quirky American lady with Mexican heritage. Sometimes Zelda scares Scott. And sometimes Scott exasperates Zelda. But together they make a pretty good team. They are currently based somewhere in Ireland.

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